Bright ideas from our government

It is well known that our betters in Congress have for environmental reasons promulgated the ukase that the incandescent bulb shall be outlawed in favor of the Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL.) A well placed protest has come to light from Howard Brandston, a retired professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute affiliated with Rensselaer’s world-class Lighting Research Center. Prof. Brandston, a past President of the Illuminating Engineering Society, points out that the CFL is inferior to the incandescent bulb in several ways:

  • negligible energy savings
  • greatly increased cost
  • the presence of mercury, a known pollutant and health hazard
  • the light spectrum of the incandescent bulb is full and resembles natural daylight, while the cold, pale light of the CFL is not close

He decries the fact that the consumer, up against a monopoly, has no choice in the marketplace.

More details are available here.

All this courtesy of governmental illuminati whose wisdom:

  • mandated ethanol in gasoline, a net loss in energy and mileage, causing a significant rise in food prices worldwide
  • refuses to abandon daylight savings time, costing us 1% more in energy than if the clock were left alone
  • gave us toilets with not enough water to flush properly and miserly showerheads
  • decreed carbon dioxide a pollutant (while mandating mercury!)

We cannot wait until the Feds take full control of the insurance and medical segments of our economy. 



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