Missouri and Right to Work – Update 2

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Missouri and Right to Work

Missouri and Right to Work – Update

In an interview with Mike Ferguson on Missouri Viewpoints, House Speaker Jones further clarified his position on Right to Work. Here is the relevant part of a report from the Missouri News Horizon:

One key conservative effort, though, is also likely to go nowhere this session: a “Right To Work” bill. While the Republican majorities in both chambers assure an easy passage of the bill, Jones believes he’ll lose “ten to fifteen” Republican votes needed to override the expected Nixon veto, so the bill won’t be pushed in 2013.

So we have ten to fifteen Republicans legislators who will vote for Right to Work, but will switch sides after Nixon’s veto. This is indeed stranger than fiction. Given the expected easy passage little time would be wasted in legislative debate – so why not go ahead? Could not effective leadership put sufficient pressure on the ten to fifteen cravenly Republicans? Perhaps most would not switch sides. Even if they were to switch, their identities would be known next election. We understand the realities of political logrolling, but Right to Work is one of the two or three most important legislative actions for the future of Missouri. Shouldn’t our leaders keep the issue front and center? Troglo



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