Thank you, Senator Schaefer

Reacting to reports that President Obama might attempt to circumvent the U.S. Congress and seek to impose his notion of gun control by executive order, Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer today warned we must take action if the executive orders turn out to violate or infringe upon our second amendment rights.  President Obama has acted unconstitutionally before. His recess appointments of controversial nominees when the Senate was not in recess is just one example among many. As reported by the Columbia Daily Tribune, the Senator is quoted as saying:

If we are complicit in the state of Missouri in the erosion of that one right, we are complicit in the erosion of all rights.

Exactly. Just as any sin is ultimately also a sin against the first commandment. Senator Schaefer noted that the second amendment to the Bill of Rights actually protects all the other amendments. The Senator believes – and we heartily support him – that if the President should act unconstitutionally, Missouri should “respond appropriately,” choosing options from lawsuits to nullification. We the people do not receive rights from government; we grant limited powers to government. Obama is our president, not our King.

This refreshingly bold position, clearly founded on solid principle, is exactly what we elect our representatives to stand up for.

Troglo          Troglo


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