January quotes of the month

“Fairness is not an evaluative criterion.” Col. Allen West, on the unsuitability of women for infantry combat roles.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp on the Federal income tax code: “And our code is too complicated. It’s 10 times the size of the Bible with none of the good news.”

“We can’t simply cut our way to prosperity.”  – BHO, Jan 1 2013 commenting on the fiscal-cliff legislation. But we sure can spend our way into prosperity.

How did they get a fiscal-cliff deal? The president “left the hardest negotiations at the end of the process to Vice President Joe Biden.” That’s right, in this administration Biden is the adult in the room.” James Taranto, in Best of the Web Today, 2 Jan 2013

“Meanwhile, the unsustainable status quo is defended furiously by the Republican Party, a central factor in its political weakness.” H. J. Waters, III, in an editorial of January 3, 2013, Columbia Daily Tribune. Yes, those evil Repubs want to see continued deficit spending, increasing federal debt, slow growth of the economy, and unreformed entitlements.

“Where man can no longer bear the truth, he cannot live without the lie.” Hermann  Sasse, in Union and Confession (1938), quoted in a sermon by John T. Pless ( logia.org/blogia/?p=349 )

Al Roker way too excited over being in the White House:

The ME generation comes of age in a cheery analysis.

“The magic of theater is that is has the power to overwhelm thought: For a moment, you forget that you are watching actors reciting lines that they have memorized and making scripted movements, and you are taken into the world of the play. Obama’s politics of histrionics — the little children, the Sandra Flukes, the imperial stage dressing — also is conceived with the goal of overwhelming thought. That tells you something about the president and what he stands for. The continued success of this traveling medicine show of a presidency tells you something about the American people.” Kevin Williamson

“The world’s largest country,” writes Spengler, “is well along the way to forming an intellectual elite on a scale that the world has never seen, and against which nothing in today’s world – surely not the overbred products of the Ivy League puppy mills – can compete.

Troglo                                 Troglo


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