March Quotes of the Month

Sequester Joe Biden.  ­– NY Sun, in response to the $585,000 charge for a night at the Intercontinental in Paris.

Illegal immigrants are to immigration what shoplifters are to shopping. ­– See the video for which the quotation is extracted here.

The problem with the modern Republican party is you have a bunch of Republicans who speak like conservatives and act like moderates. We need Republicans who can speak like moderates and act like conservatives. — Raul Labrador, Congressman (R, Idaho)

Some government spending is necessary, much is sinfully wasteful, and the remainder is corrupt. — Mona Charen

The facts of life are conservative. ­– Lady Thatcher

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of debt, I fear no bankruptcy, for Obama is my shepherd. He prepareth a table of food stamps before me, and maketh me lie down beside waters He hath cleansed and seas He hath made recede…– Mark Helprin, Psalm 23, newly revised according to modern principles. the full version is here.)

Austerity is the result of countries’ democratic decisions to wait until the last minute before acting, under the pressure of the markets, mainly by raising taxes rather than implementing long-waited reforms. — Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

But it would be difficult to overstate how deeply the specter of the villainous corporation shapes American political thought. The influence is more visible the farther to the left one moves along the political spectrum.  — Kevin Williamson

…the truth is that for many academics, not only is there no such thing as “the disinterested pursuit of truth.” There is no such thing as truth. I’m not kidding. Truth, along with such related concepts as “reason,” “fact,” “logic,” and “objectivity,” are routinely treated as Eurocentric social constructions by which white men have traditionally oppressed women, non-whites, homosexuals, non-Christians, and the environment. —  Philosophy Professor Jack Kerwick


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