Press bias – the path to citizenship

An AP article in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, Piece-by-piece in immigration on the House, gives one more insight into the bias pervading the mainstream press, Big Media, and AP dispatches in particular.

We read this telling sentence:

Many in the conservative-led House don’t have the appetite for a single, big bill on immigration, especially not one that contains a path to citizenship, still viewed by some as amnesty.

Hmmm. Permanent residency and eventual citizenship for illegals is not amnesty. Sounds to us like a hint for low-information voters. After all, only “some” people still believe the myth of amnesty. You wouldn’t want to be part of that crowd.

But reasonable people will in fact concede that amnesty is the proper term for forgiveness and pardon of criminal activity. The operative word from the AP is “still,” a weasel word serving many rhetorical purposes. As in:

  • You nasty Republicans STILL believe marriage is between a man and a woman.
  • You conservatives STILL think that the Constitution and our laws should be respected, the border secured, and lawbreakers prosecuted.

In any single story these are small details. But repeated endlessly they will produce in many the desired impression more effectively than overt bias.

It could be objected that the illegal soon-to-be citizens would have to pay a fine and therefore there is no amnesty. The counter is that without a judicial proceeding based on existing law there would indeed be amnesty. But this little debate promotes another goal of the progressive media: move the argument far away from the substance of the issue and make it into a debate on semantics or emotion.

Anything but a debate on the substance. We have yet to hear a single justification for this egregious “path to citizenship,” which for our money is completely and utterly without any reasonable justification and completely separate from the other issues, such as temporary guest workers.


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