Marco Rubio: the smoking gun

We all remember Marco Rubio’s story: his parents’ escape from communism to freedom, his complete embrace of the American Way, his election to the Senate thanks to strong support from then Senator DeMint. It’s a great story. But alas only a story.
Paul Mirengoff of the indispensable Powerlineblog, citing a report from the Daily Caller provides the proof that Senator Rubio has been duplicitous regarding his support for enforcement of our immigration laws. Since his successful Senate campaign he has called for enforcement of immigration laws, leading to puzzlement as to how he could be a member of the Senate’s Gang of Eight. The Gang’s proposed ‘comprehensive solution’ is so soft on border enforcement that those provisions might as well have been omitted.
But when he was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Rubio blocked all attempts to tighten enforcement of Florida law. As Mirengoff states:
He even opposed, and thwarted, bipartisan legislation to deport 5,000 illegal immigrant prisoners in Florida jails.
An unnamed Florida politician characterized Rubio’s position on immigration thus: ‘Marco is Jeb’s boy on immigration.’ Marco Rubio is not just a squish, like former Florida governor Jeb Bush, and his fellow Gang members, the unreliably conservative Senators McCain and Graham. it is clear he has hidden – in Clintonesque triangulation, no doubt – his true agenda about immigration for political gain. Let’s hope that this gain is temporary as the truth about his record becomes more widely known.

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