Columbia Public Schools and diversity training: part two

The Columbia Daily Tribune recently published a story about the CPS’s continuing two-year-long effort to promote diversity and equity. Please refer to our earlier post on this subject. CPS has now contracted for training services with the National Conference for Community and Justice of Metropolitan St Louis, a self-proclaimed “recognized leader” fighting against “bias, bigotry, and discrimination.” So far 340 district employees have been trained. The stated goal is to instill “culturally competent practices and beliefs.” Clearly the CPS must believe that something is terribly wrong with its staff.

What is wrong, in our opinion, is the destructive politically correct agenda behind this effort. The desire to control beliefs should give us all pause.

Continuing with the Tribune story we encounter a teacher, “a white, heterosexual male,” whose training gave him an epiphany “about all the natural privileges that he has.” This brings to mind the “white privilege” conferences of the past few years. White privilege is so endemic, subliminally oppressive, and powerful that … it is invisible to whites themselves. It must be pointed out to them by non-whites, preferably handsomely compensated consultant-trainers. Earlier this year Charlotte Allen’s celebrated essay, Beyond the Pale, revealed everything needed to see through the fatuity of this movement. We learn that the acronym of choice is now LGBTQQIA: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and ally. These ‘useful idiots’ are the unhappy crowd insistent on gender-neutral restrooms, raging against the existing order they hate and wish to transform fundamentally.

These partisans are not murderous like the Chinese Red Guards of the 1960s, but their goal is the same: the obliteration of differences among people, in the name of diversity, social and environmental justice, equity, socialism. All differences are suspect, particularly those characteristic of boys and men, so we are being desexed, unraced, deprived of our Christian Western heritage, neutered and desensitized to self and sensitized to approved people with political grudges – all of us to be brought down to the same equal level of sameness. But not every kind of sameness will do. Not even the blandness of Musil’s Man Without Qualities. It must be an approved kind of sameness. They claim to be tolerant, but their tolerance of people who disagree with them turns out to be indistinguishable from intolerance. Their ideas have now spread from our universities and are now infecting our public schools. Common-Core-compliant textbooks are already following up on the indoctrination of teachers. We refer you to posts of Mary Grabar, the Dissident Prof here and here.




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