The Mysterious Myopianomic Malady to Move into Missouri

Though yet to be classed as a highly contagious disease by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, myopianomics deserves close scrutiny by any citizen concerned with its potential effect on our wealth and prosperity. All Missourians should be prepared to stall its spread.

Just what is myopianomics and how is it contracted?  Although the symptoms can vary greatly from individual to individual, a person with myopianomics is generally observed to be one who can see the immediate effects of economic intervention by the state, but lacks the ability to discern the long-range consequences of such action.

It is most often first contracted at the centers of government by exposure to policies offered on the promise of achieving some desired result, like increasing the quantity of jobs in our state.  All accomplished, via statute, without consideration of the long-term effects.

The legislative or administrative sales pitch is centered on “what good things I can do for you now,” rather than by an explanation of “what the future disastrous unintended consequence will be.”

Since the Missouri legislature will be reconvening for the second regular session of the 97th General Assembly on the 8th of January, we should expect a rash of myopianomic symptoms to result.  Missouri citizens are urged to get inoculated with a good dose of sound economic theory to help ward off the malady in our state Capitol.

Bruce Hillis

Bruce Hillis

Bruce Hillis


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