Voter ID and the War on Women: follow-up

Our February 13 post on the Missouri voter ID proposals and the war on women generated this comment:

U show me the no. of voter fraud cases in Mo. and around the country. It is far less than 1%. Be honest now. U know this is nothing but an attempt to curtail democratic votes. Shame on YOU.

We appreciate this opportunity to enlarge on our views and to respond at some length.

It is not by accident that our highest public officials are elected, not appointed. This is because the foundation of our representative government is the will of the people as revealed in free elections. Thus there is a long history of guarding the integrity of the American electoral process. Even so, voting irregularities, cheating, and fraud are not uncommon. There is ample documentation of this, including voting in more than one jurisdiction, voting by unregistered people, by felons, by non-citizens, by the recently deceased, and in St Louis, by dogs. Claims to the contrary lack any credibility. Good government is dependent on clean, fraud-free elections. There is no evidence of ulterior motives among those of us in favor of voter ID.  


One thought on “Voter ID and the War on Women: follow-up

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