OK Show-Me candidates for office – a Texan is showing You!

His state ranked fourth, behind only Delaware and two Canadian provinces on the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom of North America, current Texas Governor Rick Perry has long touted Texas’s economic prosperity, resulting from the relatively low level of taxation and regulation, two of the principal components of economic freedom.

The desire to enhance economic freedom must be spreading in Texas or else there is something in the Lone Star state’s water that prompted the 2014 candidate for governor to announce an initiative that, if implemented, would certainly help create jobs and propel economic growth and freedom in Texas even higher.

Texas attorney general and candidate for Governor, Greg Abbott, has proposed reforming his state’s occupational licensing requirements for jobs that have no direct impact on consumer health or safety, doing away with most.   Continue reading


Meet me in New York: ISIS and 40 kg uranium

The supreme leader of the ISIS caliphate, Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi, is reported to have told his American captors upon his release from prison: “I’ll see you guys in New York.”

Thanks to the indispensable Powerlineblog, we now learn that ISIS has the ability to create a dirty bomb. Click here.

We need not tell our readers what an incredible blow to our country a dirty bomb in Manhattan would create. Nor need we remind our readers that we have a commander in chief who hasn’t a clue or a care about how to protect us.   Troglo