A tale of two stories: City Union Mission shelter in Kansas City and “gay couples”

An Associated Press story of November 17 widely picked up by many newspapers and television stations has this headline:

Shelter in Kansas City won’t house gay couples

This gives the impression of bias and bigotry, not to speak of cruelty in the face of the potentially life threatening cold temperatures now in the Kansas City area.

Let’s gain some perspective and ask about the policy for unmarried couples of any kind. At this and many other Christian shelters nationwide a man and a woman who are not married are not permitted to stay in the same room. To permit this would be to contravene the Christian values that created the shelter in the first place. The couple will not be turned out to the streets, but will just have to stay in separate rooms. That this same policy would also be applied to two homosexual men or women is of course hardly unusual or newsworthy.

The AP story continues by noting that the shelter, receiving no government funding, “is not bound by anti-discrimination rules.” The only reason to bring up this gratuitous comment is to imply that the shelter is in fact if not legally guilty of ‘discrimination.’ And this is what makes the story newsworthy for the AP. Continue reading