Political Quickie: Jeb Bush for President?

No matter how sincere and good a person, no matter how effective a governor he was, Jeb Bush has disqualified himself by reason of his positions on Common Core and amnesty of illegals. These are not Republican issues. They are of deep concern to all patriotic Americans.

The Common Core standards, despite much disinformation, are national and will control curriculum. If our broken society is to start to heal, it is necessary to teach children right and wrong, the sanctity of marriage, the dignity of work and vocation. It is fanciful in the extreme to imagine that these reforms would ever come out of Washington. We should be dismantling No Child Left Behind, not following the left in concentrating more power in D.C.

Amnesty for illegals? For those who stole Social Security numbers? For those who collect welfare and vote illegally? Should we ignore employers who look the other way? Extend Social Security retirement and disability benefits to illegals? Ignore all the legal immigrants who worked hard to get their green cards? Big Government types like Jeb Bush posit false alternatives so that unless we want mass deportations on the one hand we have to accept on the other his proposal to make illegals, many of whom are migrants, not immigrants, citizens in every sense. Inconceivable.

Are there better examples of broken government than these?   Troglo



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