Political Quickie: Marco Rubio for President?

Marco Rubio has disqualified himself by reason of his position on Economic Freedom. Economic Freedom is not just a Republican issue. It is directly correlated to the prosperity of all Americans.

The freedom to trade is one of the principal determinants in the calculation of the amount of Economic Freedom enjoyed by a country or other jurisdiction. Rubio wants to continue to trade the Economic Freedom of Americans for the exertion of political pressure, via an embargo on Cuba, to achieve increased freedoms for Cubans. He wants the national constituency to pay for benefits to his Cuban-born constituency, tenuous though the underlying argument may be.

This philosophy is fundamentally flawed. While the premise may be hidden from as many as were duped by Gruber, it is nothing less than trading one person’s freedom for the freedom of another. It is comparable to exchanging the freedom of one to buy shoes for another’s freedom to buy socks – either way someone’s feet suffer.

Political intervention in domestic and international trade and commerce has helped drop the US from near the top in Economic Freedom to 12th on the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World Index.

We hope Americans will exert pressure on Washington to remove the barriers that restrict Economic Freedom in the United States.   Bruce-thumbnail

Bruce Hillis


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