U.S. medicine the best in the world: 6.5 million of us over 111 years old

The Inspector General of the Social Security Administration has revealed the good news about our longevity here. The proof is that over 6,500,000 registered Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of people 111 years or older have no death date – conclusive proof of ObamaCare’s success in extending life.

Those of the vast right-wing conspiracy dispute this finding, seditiously attacking American medicine under the Affordable Care Act and insinuating that ‘illegals’ (i.e. undocumented Americans) are actually using the SSNs of long deceased people for nefarious purposes. They of course cannot explain how people with SSNs could be considered ‘undocumented.’ It strains credulity that itinerant, illiterate illegals could locate still active SSNs of the so-called deceased when the vast resources of the Federal government fail to do so. Pretty soon these lunatics will complain that our elderly centenarians are actually exercising their right to vote.

These conspirators are diabolically attempting to extinguish the legitimate dreams of our young undocumented Americans (dreamers,) when we know that legal Americans do not have such dreams, pace the Prince George’s County NAACP’s weak protestations here. Proof that these nativists have no dreams is seen in the data showing that all the new jobs created since 2007 have gone to undocumented Democrats.   Troglo

Troglo, always the bearer of good news



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