Donald Trump vulgarian: further thoughts

Our recent post on Mr Trump’s candidacy for the White House was not uniformly well received. We suspect this has less to do with Trump’s positions or qualifications and more with his outspokenness, a refreshing contrast with many Republicans’ mealy-mouthed preemptive and cravenly capitulation to possible attacks from a hostile press and others. We too are very much in favor of plain talk from our candidates, a welcome change from the triangulating tacking of the RINOs and hypocrites. But there are many better ways to do so than Trump’s bluster.

We will concede that his business experience does in fact go beyond the crony-capitalist building of casinos and resorts. But why would this capitalist contribute to Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, Andrew Cuomo, and Eliot Spitzer, then justify it by exclaiming, “You’re gonna need things from everybody?” Let’s not forget that he contributed to the Clinton Foundation and to Miss Hillary’s Senate campaign. And Monday he proffered this sauce for the goose-sauce for the gander remark after Univision dropped his beauty pageant:

Remember, Univision is the one who began this charade in the first place, and they (sic) are owned by one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest backers.

We doubt the claim that most Democrat politicos would be worse Presidents. His view that illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America is dangerous and must be stopped is correct, albeit very impoliticly expressed. But erecting “an impenetrable border” is not the only immigration issue; there is also the prosecution of employers of illegals. Trump’s position on this is unknown, though we imagine he would not be in favor of it. In fact his position of many issues is unknown.

But we stick to our guns about his mistaken view that China is stealing “our” jobs, by selling American companies goods they can produce less expensively than can U.S. companies. His mercantilist views with high tariff barriers to foreign trade would be very dangerous if implemented, not to mention his tough talk directed at foreign countries. We refer you to an earlier post here.

In short, an impulsive, self-centered man given to bravado and phony claims of accomplishment would not make a good candidate for mayor, much less President of the United States. His vulgarity extends to tasteless name calling: Charles Krauthammer is “totally overrated,” Michelle Malkin is “a dummy.” As Jonah Goldberg wrote here:

He has no chance of becoming president, but he has the huge potential to deny his alleged party a White House victory in 2016. And when that happens, he will of course stay a celebrity, but he will have traded his fame for infamy, even among those now cheering him on.

In other words, Trump is the new Ross Perot, the Texas businessman Presidential wannabe who heard a giant sucking sound coming out of Mexico and splitting the conservative vote then gave the 1992 election to Clinton. Without Clinton, no Obama. Let’s hope Trump exits the Republican primaries very soon.   Troglo



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