Radicalism at Mizzou – Update

The head of student government at Mizzou, Payton Head, who falsely stated that the KKK was active of the Mizzou Campus, is linked to Barack Hussein Obama and may have worked for former Obama aide and current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.  Despite being black and gay, he somehow got elected student government president and homecoming king.  Quite a feat given how racist and homophobic the Mizzou campus is!

Hunger striker Jonathan Butler, scion of a wealthy family from Omaha, NE, after ending his hunger strike, celebrates with his comrades, including a Black Lives Matter activist, by liberal use of the “n-word” and wearing a shirt proclaiming that domestic terrorist and convicted cop killer, Assata Shakur, is his teacher.  Note the Communist clenched-fist salute being given by him and his friends.  It also appears the claim that Butler was hit by Wolfe’s car during the homecoming parade was a fabrication.

Here is information about Butler’s role model Assata Shakur (born JoAnne Deborah Byron).

It would seem that the black radicals (many if not most of the radicals here are white) don’t really want anything to do with their white allies.  Here they are calling for a “Black Only Healing Space.”

As I said in my earlier post on this matter, this is the real deal, folks.  We may have laughed at the hippies and yippies of the 60s and 70s, knowing that they had no real power; but these people do.  They proved it nationally by electing Barack Hussein Obama President twice and by forcing out the weak, liberal president of the University of Missouri.  Unless common-sense people wake up and wise up, the country is going to become unrecognizable in a very short time.  I say again, if you didn’t listen to me back in the day, listen to me now!

Wayne T. Armbrust, Ph.D.     Armbrust


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