Fight poverty in Missouri – enhance economic freedom

There is much intervention in economic activity by governments at all levels. Most of it is harmful. That is, it hurts workers and their families, reducing their income and consigning some to the welfare plantation.  Some of the best examples at the state level are in occupational licensing, i.e., prohibitions to work without a government license. This abuse has been increasing nationally over the last few decades. It has a significant effect on the Missouri economy, not to speak of the loss of income for many. We are not talking about licensing doctors or lawyers, but about African hair braiders, barbers, or people who can maintain horses’ hooves and teeth. This nonsense only protects existing businesses, not the public weal. We have discussed this before.

Other aspects of this pervasive problem deal with abusive franchising requirements and similar abuses of government power.  One example among many is here.

It is one thing to write about government abuses, but many people prefer videos, particularly short ones on YouTube. Our colleague and Missouri patriot, Bruce Hillis, has produced one such video, with the considerable help of one Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Please forward this video

to your friends and political enemies, who will give you the satisfaction of hating it. This link will work: (They will probably hate Mozart too.)   Troglo

Troglo (L. H. Kevil)


Star Wars trigger warning

University students and children of all ages should not see the film without first watching this important trigger warning:  Troglo

Troglo (L. H. Kevil)