The University of Missouri bans Verdi and Puccini

Mandatory ‘diversity’ training for all students is in full bloom, having begun this semester. It follows similar training, also mandatory, for all faculty and staff. Read about it here.

This training may not satisfy any of the non-negotiable demands of the student protesters of last November, but it is a good step backwards towards full retreat. Fortunately the cost of this training is being paid for by a grant from the City of Ferguson funneled through the Black Studies Department.

On to the training itself. It is good to be informed that Katy Perry dressed as a geisha is ‘cultural appropriation,’ which sounds like theft. You wouldn’t want to do that, even if you believe that all appropriation is appropriate, at least grammatically.

Even more interesting, if you are thinking of dressing as a taco next Hallowe’en, you should be apprised that this too is cultural appropriation, unless your costume includes lettuce. Lettuce in tacos is not Mexican, per the professor from the Women’s and Gender Studies department, so of course this diminishes the Mexican component of the cultural appropriation.

Forthcoming: given that white and black Western sopranos portrayed an ancient Egyptian princess in Aida and an icy Oriental Chinese princess in Turandot, not to speak of the long history of pants roles in grand opera, Verdi and Puccini may no longer be studied by music students. Henceforth only faculty and students in the soon to be created Oppression Studies Department will be free to study these offensive works. Playing recordings of them in one’s dorm room is disallowed because it would undo the beneficent effects of the diversity training. Don’t do i: you might be overheard and reported.   Troglo



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