Tacos find an academic safe space

Many readers may have thought our previous post on tacos was merely a spoof of some of the radical nonsense at the University of Missouri at Columbia. But no. Tacos are a serious subject, if not conundrum, at many distinguished universities. Such as the University of Kentucky, which offers this course:

WRD 422: Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy & Mexican Food in the U.S. South  Steven Alvarez | TR 2:00–3:15. UK Core: Community, Culture, and Citizenship

Inauthentic and culturally inappropriate use of tacos, as food, Hallowe’en costume, or symbol of Republican racist repression has become a rather big deal. To wit:

Northwestern University’s Hispanic/Latino Alliance wrote a letter warning students not to eat tacos on Cinco de Mayo because that could make some students feel “unsafe.”

One radical has written The Feminist Guide to Being a Foodie Without Being Culturally Appropriative.

Clemson Dining committed a horrible faux pas last year by hosting its popular Maximum Mexican food fiesta. The gory details here.

As is the wont among academics the fun has spread from the taco in the mouth to the nearby sombrero covering the insensitive head.

At Cal State Fullerton a sorority hosted a recruitment function at which some girls wore sombreros. The Dean of Students labelled this as “grossly inappropriate” and “culturally insensitive.” The sorority was punished with requirements to host diversity and cultural competency workshops for members, present And future. It was also ineligible to receive any awards during Greek Week.

A tip of the hat to Katherine Timpf, a reporter with an unerring sense of what is truly important in academia, and her article, U of Kentucky Offers ‘Taco Literacy’ Course, available here, which we have pillaged freely.   Troglo

Troglo (L. H.Kevil)


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