What to do with Mizzou: three action items for the legislature (brief post)

Executive summary: You do not reward bad behavior.

The Mizzou administration has been caving to the demands of faculty activists and black protesters for decades. Mizzou is very different from the once proud and decent university it was just a few decades ago. We have gone from integration, through diversity and multiculturalism, and now to white privilege and ‘inclusion,’ the latter mandating segregated “safe spaces” for black students. Successive administrations, sharing the left-wing tilt of the activists, have with a wink and a nod given in to a strange obsession with race. Maoist indoctrination and intolerant bullying have become permanent fixtures. The result has been more, not fewer, protests and increasingly extreme demands, culminating in last November’s debacle and a noisy disruption of a Curators’ meeting just yesterday. Following apace has been the radicalization of many faculty members and a repressive atmosphere of compelled political correctness regarding imaginary systematic racial bias on a campus that is as free of genuine racism as any place in the world. Now the deadly virus is spreading to other campuses, rearing an ugly head at Missouri State University where copy-cat protestors are demanding…a resignation or dismissal for the crime of inappropriate remarks. Immediate action by the legislature is needed if Missouri is not to be held up to more mockery and derision nationwide.

Item 1) The General Assembly should pass legislation mandating that no public institution may correct, encourage, discipline, or punish legally permitted speech. Explicit speech codes are already illegal, but the more dangerous codes are implicit. All Mizzou should be a genuine free-speech zone. This applies to all students and staff as well as faculty. Diversity of viewpoints should be encouraged. Encouraging students to spy on each other and make anonymous reports should be halted immediately. Mandatory ‘diversity training’ should cease. The MU Police Department should never again encourage students to turn in fellow students for ‘inappropriate’ speech or hesitate to break up disruptive protests, whether Mizzou administrators approve or disapprove.

Item 2) The General Assembly should pass legislation clarifying that there may be no discrimination or preference based on race at any institution of higher education in Missouri. We recommend an audit of admission procedures at Mizzou, which we suspect are biased in favor of blacks and against Asians and those of other races. At Mizzou, a research university which should have the highest standards, academic merit alone should govern admission and the awarding of scholarships. Criteria based on race or proxies for race should be disallowed.

Item 3) The General Assembly should reinforce existing legislation or pass new legislation prohibiting protests that interrupt the normal course of business or student study on campus. ‘Occupations’ should be illegal. Demonstrations are free speech and should be protected, but free speech does not include disrupting others, seizing public property, or uttering threats unless demands are satisfied. We have the right to speak, but no one has the right to demand to be heard.

TrogloTroglo (L. H. Kevil)


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