Donald Trump is the establishment

Every four years, conservative Republicans get excited at the prospect of nominating a true believer, and every four years, they find themselves outmaneuvered by a moderate with high name recognition and serious difficulties differentiating himself from Democrats on major issues.

This is a brilliant opening to an article by Tyler O’Neil in PJ Media. Read the rest of it here:

I’ll just add that Trump’s support is like that for Juan Peron or even FDR’s favorite, Mussolini. The longing for a strong man to save us usually leads to a fraud, a media personality skillful in misleading the masses. And we know what then follows.

TrogloTroglo (L. H.Kevil)


One thought on “Donald Trump is the establishment

  1. The GOP has two bad candidates, so you have to choose one of them if you do not want Hillary in the White House. Knowing all his faults from the tons of negative ads against him, I still choose Donald Trump as the next GOP Presidential candidate. A big clap of thunder just hit my home as I was writing this. Could that mean some kind of sign? 😉

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