Trump should act presidential

This presidential campaign is very similar to 2012’s. At the time Karl Rove said that any competent Republican could easily defeat Obama. There were a few problems, however, which made the prediction turn out false. The long Republican primary season gave the Obama team plenty of time to perfect their organization from 2008, using funds not spent in primaries. Their analytics were top-notch, with much help from Silicon Valley (some underhanded.) Romney eschewed analytics in favor of old-fashioned tactics; the Republican Project Orca was not beta tested properly and partially failed on election day. In addition, the Republicans nominated a candidate of moderate to liberal tendencies with known weaknesses. Romney’s religion, Mormonism, did not inspire confidence among many Americans. His support for RomneyCare in Massachusetts put him in a weak position vis-à-vis Obama. During the debates he did not assert himself sufficiently, against Obama or Candy Crowley. The media were of course all in for Obama.

This time the similarities are interesting. Again, any competent Republican should be able to wipe the floor with Miss Hillary, despite the media bias. The coronation of Miss Hillary was planned far in advance. While there was a primary struggle, the outcome was not long in doubt and the Democrats were able to keep some of their powder dry while building on Obama’s organization. Again the Republicans nominated a candidate with moderate to liberal tendencies, this time with staggering weaknesses. Trump’s positions change like a chameleon’s colors. While Romney pulled punches and ineffectively counterpunched, Trump is flailing wildly, rarely landing anything more than a glancing blow. His organization could hardly be said to be ineffective, since it scarcely exists. His blustering impetuosity and fatal inability to stay on message enables the Democrats to bait and manipulate him almost at will. He is wrong about trade and his touchback immigration policy with its “big beautiful door” for “the good ones” would amount to de facto amnesty. He is handling the election over to the Democrats and ruining the reputation and future prospects of the Republican party.

The primary virtue of a President is always to look out for the country’s interests first, to do the patriotic thing. To be presidential is to act this way. Most of us think Trump got in the race on a lark, knowing he would not get far, but in the process he would certainly build up his brand and help his businesses. But Trump and his family have consistently maintained that he is in the race for the sake of our country. Taking him at his word my opinion is that he should act presidential and withdraw his candidacy in favor of Mike Pence, who could then go on and easily defeat Miss Hillary.   Troglo

Troglo (L. H. Kevil)


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