The voters’ presidential choices – brilliantly depicted






This cartoon by the incomparable Ramirez courtesy of the great guys at the Powerline blog.

There are only two choices: a vote for Hillary is not an option. Either vote for Trump or do not vote for President. I am personally moving away from Evan McMullin, whose immigration policy is deficient. He claims “legalization is not amnesty. “ Unacceptable. Hoping against expectation, I might well vote for Trump.

I also believe more than ever that:

  • There should be closed primaries, to prevent hijacking by Democrats seeking to choose the weakest Reublican.
  • There must be a Conservative party for Missouri. It should inform voters of the real issues concerning  candidates for office as well as the initiatives and constitutional amendmensts that threaten our state. It should endorse candidates who meet our criteria and have sought our endorsement. We would accept people registered as conservative Democrats or Republicans (knowing that conservative Democrats are officially an endangered if not extinct species and there are too many liberal Republicans.) We would hope to attract the support of some of the Libertarian and Constitution party supporters. Where both the Republican and Democrat candidates for an office are too liberal to support, we should run our own candidate.    Troglo



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