Missouri conservatives: you have a third choice next Tuesday

There is a third choice asyou vote for President. The latest Real Clear Politics poll average reveals that Trump has an 11.8 percentage lead over Clinton in Missouri. See it here. That means that 11.799999 percent of the expected votes to be cast are in excess of the quantity needed for Trump to win all of Missouri’s Electoral College votes.

In effect, all of these excess votes are wasted and could be used for another purpose. If you now plan to vote for Trump, but have an unresolved complaint or issue that you would like to raise with him or the Republican party, a voting tactic may be your only chance to voice your complaint.

There is significant precedent for this tactic. It is often used by members of your own state General Assembly. Legislators, knowing that a bill will pass whether the member votes for or against the measure, will sometimes vote contrary to the majority and even the legislator’s own belief system (often sanctioned by his own political party) if he believes the opposition vote will curry favor with his constituents or respond to the advocacy of a specific “special interest” group.

You may want to curry favor with yourself on Tuesday and vote for a third party or a write in candidate, if only as token opposition, to register your complaint about Trump.   Bruce-thumbnail

Bruce Hillis


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