Political quickie: the disaster that is Jeb Bush

As if his stands on illegal immigration and on the Federal takeover of K-12 education known as Common Core were not enough, we now have this, in his own words:

 “…it’s not possible in a free country to completely control the border without us losing our freedoms and liberties.”

Not only is this statement untrue, it is stupid. What? We would lose our liberty to emigrate to Mexico if the border were secure? We would be refused reentry into the US after a jaunt into Canada? Our Canadian neighbors do a decent job of securing their part of the border. We should do at least as much.

Any proposal for ‘fixing’ the immigration issue, to qualify for even cursory consideration, should in our opinion include three mandatory provisions, beyond tight border security.

  •  Illegal immigrants should never have the right to become citizens and vote
  • They should never benefit from Federal welfare or preference of any kind
  • The system regulating legal immigration should be at least as rigorous as the new one in effect in Canada this year

Consider that Social Security benefits are tilted so that low-income beneficiaries receive much more than what they paid in. Illegals who  used a fraudulent social security number should not receive this preference. Their benefits should be equal to what they paid in. Giving them a one-time lump sum instead of a monthly cash payment is one way to handle this problem. There are others. The issue of illegals already here brought over as children should be handled separately and must not be permitted to muddy the waters.

The new Canadian system for legal immigration is heavily weighted towards immigrants who will boost Canada’s economy and never be on welfare. According to the Globe & Mail, potential immigrants will be ranked as follows:

The Comprehensive Ranking System formula assigns a score of out [sic] 1,200 based on four elements: core factors such as age and education, spousal factors, skills transferability and whether or not a person already has a job offer or an invite from a provincial or territorial immigration program. That final factor gets an applicant an additional 600 points, which automatically leads to an invitation to apply.

 The application is for permanent residency. The federal government will take care that immigrants do not take jobs Canadians could fill. The illiterate and unskilled will be intentionally filtered out.        Troglo



Political Quickie: Jeb Bush for President?

No matter how sincere and good a person, no matter how effective a governor he was, Jeb Bush has disqualified himself by reason of his positions on Common Core and amnesty of illegals. These are not Republican issues. They are of deep concern to all patriotic Americans.

The Common Core standards, despite much disinformation, are national and will control curriculum. If our broken society is to start to heal, it is necessary to teach children right and wrong, the sanctity of marriage, the dignity of work and vocation. It is fanciful in the extreme to imagine that these reforms would ever come out of Washington. We should be dismantling No Child Left Behind, not following the left in concentrating more power in D.C.

Amnesty for illegals? For those who stole Social Security numbers? For those who collect welfare and vote illegally? Should we ignore employers who look the other way? Extend Social Security retirement and disability benefits to illegals? Ignore all the legal immigrants who worked hard to get their green cards? Big Government types like Jeb Bush posit false alternatives so that unless we want mass deportations on the one hand we have to accept on the other his proposal to make illegals, many of whom are migrants, not immigrants, citizens in every sense. Inconceivable.

Are there better examples of broken government than these?   Troglo