The Common-Core standards: a clear and present danger

The Common-Core Standards were developed a few years ago from an initiative to create national standards governing K-12 curricula. The standards would dictate, for example, at what grade algebra should first be taught. The Obama administration quickly jumped in to promote the initiative among the states, using the bait of one-time stimulus money along with dispensations from the penalties called for by the No Child Left Behind Act. The catch: the state had to adopt the Common-Core standards. So far 45 states have indicated they are on board.

This all may sound harmless enough. But at the present moment, with distrust of the Federal government at a high mark, we should all be very, very cautious about anything resembling central control from Washington, D.C. Long experience shows how innocuous programs can get hijacked and transformed far beyond original intentions, usually in very bad ways. Because this deals with our children, our vigilance should be at its highest. The more centralized the control, the greater should be our vigilance.

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future! ” –A. Hitler, 1935

In Missouri the program was adopted without assent or input by the legislature. It is now being promoted statewide by The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE.) DESE does not take kindly to criticism. Continue reading