The University of Missouri bans Verdi and Puccini

Mandatory ‘diversity’ training for all students is in full bloom, having begun this semester. It follows similar training, also mandatory, for all faculty and staff. Read about it here.

This training may not satisfy any of the non-negotiable demands of the student protesters of last November, but it is a good step backwards towards full retreat. Fortunately the cost of this training is being paid for by a grant from the City of Ferguson funneled through the Black Studies Department.

On to the training itself. It is good to be informed that Katy Perry dressed as a geisha is ‘cultural appropriation,’ which sounds like theft. You wouldn’t want to do that, even if you believe that all appropriation is appropriate, at least grammatically.

Even more interesting, if you are thinking of dressing as a taco next Hallowe’en, you should be apprised that this too is cultural appropriation, unless your costume includes lettuce. Lettuce in tacos is not Mexican, per the professor from the Women’s and Gender Studies department, so of course this diminishes the Mexican component of the cultural appropriation.

Forthcoming: given that white and black Western sopranos portrayed an ancient Egyptian princess in Aida and an icy Oriental Chinese princess in Turandot, not to speak of the long history of pants roles in grand opera, Verdi and Puccini may no longer be studied by music students. Henceforth only faculty and students in the soon to be created Oppression Studies Department will be free to study these offensive works. Playing recordings of them in one’s dorm room is disallowed because it would undo the beneficent effects of the diversity training. Don’t do i: you might be overheard and reported.   Troglo



Hitler’s mother and the first non-Catholic Pope: the best journalist bloopers of 2015

For not a little hilarity on this first day of the new year, click here  for the mea culpa awards, issued to news media for the funniest corrections of 2015.  Hit tip to the Powerline blog.

TrogloTroglo (L. H. Kevil)

Don’t touch left-wing totems

The great right-handed pitcher for the Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox, and TV commentator for ESPN, Curt Schilling, touched a PC totem and was promptly disciplined by his employer. Despite a career postseason record of 11-2 he was suspended and will not be permitted do Sunday Night Baseball despite his mandatory apology. His crime? Clearly it was being offensive to Nazis on his personal twitter account. Here is the tweet:


One connection between the two groups was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who spent World War II in Berlin calling for the extermination of Jews over Nazi radio. He later was a teacher of a distant relative, one Yasser Arafat. No, wait. The Nazis exist only in history and PC types ignore history. So the offense must be against Muslim extremists and the unequal performance disparity between their 10% and the Nazis 7%.

An episode of not touching totems occurred in Moneta, Virginia today. A reporter and her cameraman were murdered by a black man with imaginary grievances against the TV station. In the AP story the race of the perp was studiously avoided, while photos of the murder victims showed they were white. We can thankfully approve of this since black on white violence is not newsworthy and hardly ever exists. Uh oh! Later on it became known that the gunman was a black supremacist. Goodness, how could the AP bring itself to report this? Surely creative later reportage will render this questionable or a consequence of white privilege? We hope the AP does not slip up in this noble endeavor, touching a PC totem by uttering the N-word, a vocable so secret and hideous that we can only venture to whisper it: ‘Negro.’   Troglo


Memorable Quotations of the Month

If my life depended on a member of the national media understanding the basics about guns or economics, I’m not sure which I’d choose. (Josh Trevino, @jstrevino )

The more I study the history of intellectuals, the more they seem like a wrecking crew, dismantling civilization bit by bit — replacing what works with what sounds good. (The great Thomas Sowell, Link here.)

How can Hillary Clinton declare she has evaluated and accepts the [Benghazi] report’s 29 recommendations if she has a concussion? (Richard Grenell @RichardGrenell)

We know father absence is now the leading predictor of nearly every childhood and adolescent pathology. (Thomas Lickona, National Review Online, 19 December 2012.)

In every state, the portion of families where children have two parents, rather than one, has dropped significantly over the past decade. Even as the country added 160,000 families with children, the number of two-parent households decreased by 1.2 million. Fifteen million U.S. children, or 1 in 3, live without a father, and nearly 5 million live without a mother. In 1960, just 11 percent of American children lived in homes without fathers. (Washington Times, Luke Roziak, 25 December. Complete article here.)

I guess that in the mind of Jeb Bush, Ed Gillespie, Lindsey Graham, Alfonso Aguilar, et al. the GOP really is a Marxist party — Groucho Marxist: ‘Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them . . . well, I have others.’ (Mark Krikorian)

I guarantee you Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey. If he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem. (Senator J. Biden, 20 September, 2008, at Castlewood, VA.)

We should outlaw subscription cards in high-capacity magazines. (David Burge, @Iowahawkblog)

My plan for eliminating school shootings: Plan A is to persuade states to replace teacher certification with CCW permit certification. We all know that the teacher certification process is a racket. (the irrepressible Mike Adams,; read the whole article here.)

The law includes a massive new health entitlement/income redistribution program for families earning more than three times the poverty level in 2014, it will channel up to $3,000 in taxpayer funds to families making up to $95,000. (Andrew B. Wilson, Show-Me Institute)

Is it just me, or does Kwanzaa seem to come earlier and earlier each year? And let’s face it, Kwanzaa’s gotten way too commercialized. (Ann Coulter,

Once the justices depart, as most of them have, from the original understanding of the principles of the Constitution, they lack any guidance other than their own attempts at moral philosophy, a task for which they have not even minimal skills. Yet when it rules in the name of the Constitution, whether it rules truly or not, the Court is the most powerful branch of government in domestic policy. The combination of absolute power, disdain for the historic Constitution, and philosophical incompetence is lethal. (Robert Bork, Wall Street Journal, 20 December, A19)

The icon of the month:Obama-AENewman

h/t @1ClarenceBeeks

Bright ideas from our government


It is well known that our betters in Congress have for environmental reasons promulgated the ukase that the incandescent bulb shall be outlawed in favor of the Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL.) A well placed protest has come to light from Howard Brandston, a retired professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute affiliated with Rensselaer’s world-class Lighting Research Center. Prof. Brandston, a past President of the Illuminating Engineering Society, points out that the CFL is inferior to the incandescent bulb in several ways:

  • negligible energy savings
  • greatly increased cost
  • the presence of mercury, a known pollutant and health hazard
  • the light spectrum of the incandescent bulb is full and resembles natural daylight, while the cold, pale light of the CFL is not close

He decries the fact that the consumer, up against a monopoly, has no choice in the marketplace.

More details are available here.

All this courtesy of governmental illuminati whose wisdom:

  • mandated ethanol in gasoline, a net loss in energy and mileage, causing a significant rise in food prices worldwide
  • refuses to abandon daylight savings time, costing us 1% more in energy than if the clock were left alone
  • gave us toilets with not enough water to flush properly and miserly showerheads
  • decreed carbon dioxide a pollutant (while mandating mercury!)

We cannot wait until the Feds take full control of the insurance and medical segments of our economy.