Keep an eye on Carly Fiorina

Among GOP presidential hopefuls we have long thought that Governor Walker of Wisconsin was worth very close attention. Our thinking has not changed. He offers a proven record of defeating Democrats in a blue state as well as a trustworthily conservative mindset, not neglecting the social side. Carly Fiorina is also in our spotlight. Articulate, bright, truth-speaking and direct, conservative, she pulls no punches when it comes to the abominable Hillary Clinton. All in all she would be a formidable candidate.

What are the most fundamental qualifications we seek in a President? Here’s a possible short list:

  • Sound diagnosis of the problems with our government
  • A good conservative plan to reform it and the ability to push it through Congress
  • Be trustworthy and have enough energy and grit to get the job done
  • We could add that a disqualification is a background in politics of going along to get along.

Does Mrs Fiorina have the qualifications to be a successful two-term President? Continue reading