Talking back to nude Emperors: review of The Diversity Delusion (2018,) by Heather Mac Donald

The book’s subtitle, How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture, shows its emphasis is on “delusional victimology” with its umbrella of diversity covering all manner of left-wing nonsense regarding the Marxist trinity of race, sex, and class, not to speak of white privilege, multiculturalism, &c ad nauseam, as those of us involved in higher education know all too well.


What is a delusion? Is it not worse than a simple misapprehension, by definition something tenaciously held on to despite its obvious unreality? How does one talk to people suffering from a delusion?

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The unfolding disaster at the University of Missouri: the University doubles down

The scandal from last November has led to:

  • Nationwide mockery
  • A possible decrease in state funding
  • A big loss in enrollment, which will lead to much greater loss in revenue

So what has been the reaction to these events? There are some new developments showing that even in a worsening situation, the University refuses to change its course.

  • The Human Resources Department is reported to be hiring additional staff to handle the rush of inquiries about retirement from faculty and staff.
  • The drop in enrollment, our spies say, is greater than the MU administration has acknowledged.
  • There is a new requirement. To graduate, students must have passed a new three-credit course in diversity. This has been promoted for decades by radical faculty. It is in addition to the diversity indoctrination required of all incoming freshmen. What will all this cost? Will this increase flagging enrollment?
  • The University System, which manages the four campuses, has created a new position, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer. It pays $235,000 p.a.

The Legislature is currently deliberating a proposed cut of nearly $8 million from the UM System’s appropriation and $1 million from the Columbia campus’s. Although the projected cuts may well be restored, this has produced the expected cries of doom. These “reactionary budget cuts” will hurt students and staff. We must be “unwavering” in our support of the University system. And so on.

A $1 million cut for MU (the Columbia campus) is a drop in the bucket, far below one percent of the annual state support. At this moment the Legislature has only a blunt instrument with which to try to get the University to come to its senses. The proposed cut will not hurt students unless MU foolishly increases tuition rates. What hurts much more is the loss of tuition revenue from the expected drop in enrollment, which spies tell us is greater than the administration is willing to acknowledge. This will probably hurt staffing. But so would cutting out the bloat. MU along with similar research universities is exposed to loss in enrollment because it has long been overcharging undergraduates in order to subsidize other operations.

To support a university does not involve just money. We support it best when we reform and improve it with student learning in mind. A bigger cut, which we recommend, should not be considered punitive, but as a greater stimulus to reform. Let us not fall for the common rhetorical technique of confusing the institution with the students’ educational needs, which can be satisfied at other institutions and in other ways. We have long recommended changing the funding model, so that state financial support goes through the students and their parents in addition to directly to institutions. This introduces competition among institutions and gives students greater opportunity and choice.

Diversity is a pernicious worldview common among left-wing academics. It has long held a foothold at MU and the UM System. The MU Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative is an example. The radical nature of some courses and the enforcement of political correctness by the MU Equity Office could also be cited. The new Diversity Officer will initiate a system-wide review of the issues under his purview with a view towards satisfying the demands of ConcernedStudent1950 and the hiring of more minority faculty and staff (as if these goals have not been obsessively pursued for decades.) This will cost $921,000, in addition to the cost of the new Officer’s salary and that of his new staff of well over half a million. In other words, MU and the UM System have learned nothing. Complaining about the cuts and yet spending more, they are merely repeating their mistakes with increased vehemence.

We recommend:

  • The required course on diversity is not academic in that it will not consider alternatives to or weaknesses in the diversity worldview. Graduation requirements for non-academic courses should be rescinded.
  • To start to improve the campus climate, which is oppressive for those not infected by political correctness, the Legislature should immediately mandate that state-supported institutions of higher education must tolerate diversity of intellectual thought and may not punish or discourage speech that is legally permitted. It is not the job of a university to attempt to correct thought and speech it finds ‘inappropriate.’ It must practice the tolerance it proclaims.
  • Improve the state funding model by adopting the recommendation above.
  • Begin structural reform by creating a state-wide board governing all post-secondary education for state-supported institutions. The parameters under which this Board is to operate to be determined by a blue-ribbon panel named by and reporting to the Legislature.
  • Specify the rules under which all demonstrations will be permitted to take place. The Coordinating Board of Higher Education already has this power under existing statute.     Troglo

Troglo (L. H. Kevil)

What to do with Mizzou: three action items for the legislature (brief post)

Executive summary: You do not reward bad behavior.

The Mizzou administration has been caving to the demands of faculty activists and black protesters for decades. Mizzou is very different from the once proud and decent university it was just a few decades ago. We have gone from integration, through diversity and multiculturalism, and now to white privilege and ‘inclusion,’ the latter mandating segregated “safe spaces” for black students. Successive administrations, sharing the left-wing tilt of the activists, have with a wink and a nod given in to a strange obsession with race. Maoist indoctrination and intolerant bullying have become permanent fixtures. The result has been more, not fewer, protests and increasingly extreme demands, culminating in last November’s debacle and a noisy disruption of a Curators’ meeting just yesterday. Following apace has been the radicalization of many faculty members and a repressive atmosphere of compelled political correctness regarding imaginary systematic racial bias on a campus that is as free of genuine racism as any place in the world. Now the deadly virus is spreading to other campuses, rearing an ugly head at Missouri State University where copy-cat protestors are demanding…a resignation or dismissal for the crime of inappropriate remarks. Immediate action by the legislature is needed if Missouri is not to be held up to more mockery and derision nationwide.

Item 1) The General Assembly should pass legislation mandating that no public institution may correct, encourage, discipline, or punish legally permitted speech. Explicit speech codes are already illegal, but the more dangerous codes are implicit. All Mizzou should be a genuine free-speech zone. This applies to all students and staff as well as faculty. Diversity of viewpoints should be encouraged. Encouraging students to spy on each other and make anonymous reports should be halted immediately. Mandatory ‘diversity training’ should cease. The MU Police Department should never again encourage students to turn in fellow students for ‘inappropriate’ speech or hesitate to break up disruptive protests, whether Mizzou administrators approve or disapprove.

Item 2) The General Assembly should pass legislation clarifying that there may be no discrimination or preference based on race at any institution of higher education in Missouri. We recommend an audit of admission procedures at Mizzou, which we suspect are biased in favor of blacks and against Asians and those of other races. At Mizzou, a research university which should have the highest standards, academic merit alone should govern admission and the awarding of scholarships. Criteria based on race or proxies for race should be disallowed.

Item 3) The General Assembly should reinforce existing legislation or pass new legislation prohibiting protests that interrupt the normal course of business or student study on campus. ‘Occupations’ should be illegal. Demonstrations are free speech and should be protected, but free speech does not include disrupting others, seizing public property, or uttering threats unless demands are satisfied. We have the right to speak, but no one has the right to demand to be heard.

TrogloTroglo (L. H. Kevil)

The University of Missouri bans Verdi and Puccini

Mandatory ‘diversity’ training for all students is in full bloom, having begun this semester. It follows similar training, also mandatory, for all faculty and staff. Read about it here.

This training may not satisfy any of the non-negotiable demands of the student protesters of last November, but it is a good step backwards towards full retreat. Fortunately the cost of this training is being paid for by a grant from the City of Ferguson funneled through the Black Studies Department.

On to the training itself. It is good to be informed that Katy Perry dressed as a geisha is ‘cultural appropriation,’ which sounds like theft. You wouldn’t want to do that, even if you believe that all appropriation is appropriate, at least grammatically.

Even more interesting, if you are thinking of dressing as a taco next Hallowe’en, you should be apprised that this too is cultural appropriation, unless your costume includes lettuce. Lettuce in tacos is not Mexican, per the professor from the Women’s and Gender Studies department, so of course this diminishes the Mexican component of the cultural appropriation.

Forthcoming: given that white and black Western sopranos portrayed an ancient Egyptian princess in Aida and an icy Oriental Chinese princess in Turandot, not to speak of the long history of pants roles in grand opera, Verdi and Puccini may no longer be studied by music students. Henceforth only faculty and students in the soon to be created Oppression Studies Department will be free to study these offensive works. Playing recordings of them in one’s dorm room is disallowed because it would undo the beneficent effects of the diversity training. Don’t do i: you might be overheard and reported.   Troglo


Racial unrest on campus: where is the backbone?

It is surprising and revolting that on American campuses there have been practically no voices decrying the outlandish claims of the protesters. The only voices of reason come from outside the campus hothouses. (A good example here.)  These Emperor-is-fully-clothed claims would require us to believe that American universities and colleges, – which have instituted racial preferences in admissions, scholarships, and faculty hires, special buildings for black students, programs in black studies, endless diversity programs including mandatory “training,” deans in new positions devoted to diversity and equity, speech codes to protect minorities from hurt feelings – that these universities are hotbeds of racism and racial injustice driven by a climate of racial oppression, the consequence of ubiquitous white privilege and the sin of “whiteness.” Nor have there been many voices on campus remarking that the other demands of the protesters usually come right out of the playbook of their radical professors. Few dare point out that the protesters, having been indoctrinated throughout their schooling, are being manipulated by these radicals, their student leaders, and interested outsiders.  Continue reading

Radicalism at Mizzou – Update

The head of student government at Mizzou, Payton Head, who falsely stated that the KKK was active of the Mizzou Campus, is linked to Barack Hussein Obama and may have worked for former Obama aide and current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.  Despite being black and gay, he somehow got elected student government president and homecoming king.  Quite a feat given how racist and homophobic the Mizzou campus is!

Hunger striker Jonathan Butler, scion of a wealthy family from Omaha, NE, after ending his hunger strike, celebrates with his comrades, including a Black Lives Matter activist, by liberal use of the “n-word” and wearing a shirt proclaiming that domestic terrorist and convicted cop killer, Assata Shakur, is his teacher.  Note the Communist clenched-fist salute being given by him and his friends.  It also appears the claim that Butler was hit by Wolfe’s car during the homecoming parade was a fabrication.

Here is information about Butler’s role model Assata Shakur (born JoAnne Deborah Byron).

It would seem that the black radicals (many if not most of the radicals here are white) don’t really want anything to do with their white allies.  Here they are calling for a “Black Only Healing Space.”

As I said in my earlier post on this matter, this is the real deal, folks.  We may have laughed at the hippies and yippies of the 60s and 70s, knowing that they had no real power; but these people do.  They proved it nationally by electing Barack Hussein Obama President twice and by forcing out the weak, liberal president of the University of Missouri.  Unless common-sense people wake up and wise up, the country is going to become unrecognizable in a very short time.  I say again, if you didn’t listen to me back in the day, listen to me now!

Wayne T. Armbrust, Ph.D.     Armbrust