Boone County State House and Senate races for 2012 – first impressions

With the 2010 census come new district maps for Missouri General Assembly seats. The State failed to come up with maps twelve months in advance of the election, so a weird rule kicked in, allowing aspiring candidates the choice of filing for any district that includes any part of the county they currently live in. For Boone County, that means there are five State House districts to pick from.

That has been advantageous for at least a few people, who have filed in districts where they currently do not live. Longtime Rep. Chris Kelly (D-Columbia) is/was the incumbent in the old district 24, which is basically southern Boone County, puts his place in new district 50, which has turned more conservative, and includes a lot of Moniteau County, home of current Rep Caleb Jones (R-California). Jones is a freshman this term, but his father served in the Capitol, and, well-known himself, is considered to be a shoo-in for reelection in his new district – in fact he will be, as he is running unopposed.