What’s the Rush?

Inside the Liberal Mind

Today the Columbia, Missouri branch of the National Organization for Women (NOW) is picketing a local radio station, KFRU, as part of their “Kick Rush Off KFRU” demonstration. This “Flush Rush” movement follows in the wake of the Sandra Fluke kerfuffle of several months ago. The Missouri chapter of NOW has a webpage where one can sign the petition to “Kick Rush Limbaugh off the air.” The signatories listed on the page this morning were from all over the country. Only one is from Missouri and nowhere near Columbia.

We of course have no problem with anyone disagreeing with Mr. Limbaugh. But we want to take this opportunity to discuss a few characteristics of the liberal mind, which to us is always puzzling. We note the telling propensity to twist language to our own purposes in a manner that is at least disingenuous, if not deceitful. Take the name “National Organization for Women.” The NOW website describes itself as “the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States.” Feminist activists can hardly be considered representative of American women in any sense, so the name makes a false claim. Continue reading