Don’t touch left-wing totems

The great right-handed pitcher for the Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox, and TV commentator for ESPN, Curt Schilling, touched a PC totem and was promptly disciplined by his employer. Despite a career postseason record of 11-2 he was suspended and will not be permitted do Sunday Night Baseball despite his mandatory apology. His crime? Clearly it was being offensive to Nazis on his personal twitter account. Here is the tweet:


One connection between the two groups was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who spent World War II in Berlin calling for the extermination of Jews over Nazi radio. He later was a teacher of a distant relative, one Yasser Arafat. No, wait. The Nazis exist only in history and PC types ignore history. So the offense must be against Muslim extremists and the unequal performance disparity between their 10% and the Nazis 7%.

An episode of not touching totems occurred in Moneta, Virginia today. A reporter and her cameraman were murdered by a black man with imaginary grievances against the TV station. In the AP story the race of the perp was studiously avoided, while photos of the murder victims showed they were white. We can thankfully approve of this since black on white violence is not newsworthy and hardly ever exists. Uh oh! Later on it became known that the gunman was a black supremacist. Goodness, how could the AP bring itself to report this? Surely creative later reportage will render this questionable or a consequence of white privilege? We hope the AP does not slip up in this noble endeavor, touching a PC totem by uttering the N-word, a vocable so secret and hideous that we can only venture to whisper it: ‘Negro.’   Troglo