Jimmy Kimmel on Graham-Cassidy: a quickie

During Jimmie Kimmel’s tearful diatribes about his infant son’s heart surgery he implied that he had a pre-existing condition, one which poor people could not afford thanks to evil Republicans. But it is not a pre-existing condition; if the parents have health insurance the child’s needs will be met. Even without health insurance the child will receive the similar medical care for free, thanks to Federal law. If responsible parents cannot afford health insurance, it is likely because ObamaCare has wrecked the individual market. If the parents are irresponsible…the less said the better. Pray for their children.

It is interesting to note that the scourge of Berkeley snowflakes, Ben Shapiro, has an infant daughter with the same heart condition as Kimmel’s son. She was treated at the same hospital and by the same physician as Kimmel’s son. It is a charity hospital refusing care to no one. Shapiro claims the same right to claim policy expertise from personal experience as Kimmel. You can read about it here; excuse the typos. Shapiro’s comment that ObamaCare does not satisfy the Kimmel test is a dagger through Kimmel’s bleeding heart socialism.

Popular culture has made significant inroads into the political. Decades ago we had Senator Murphy and President Reagan, actors from California. Now Jesse Ventura as Governor of Minnesota and a current U.S. Senator from the same state, more of a joke in the Senate than on TV. Would Donald Trump be President without the recognition from his television series? Some of us, while not longing for the good old days of lawyer dominated politics and smoke-filled rooms, would like to see fewer actors and comedians and more exceptional people from ‘ordinary’ (i.e. real) jobs: businessmen, physicians, and the like. Only media bias can explain the great coverage given to Kimmel’s philippics. And only heaven can help us if this trend of democracy as popular culture continues.

The crux of the immediate issue, as I have written before, is the great amount of money the Feds pour into states that expanded Medicaid to include able-bodied adults with no children or disability. The reimbursement rate for these people is diabolically higher than for those on traditional Medicaid, low-income people with children or disabilities or both. The numbers on the expanded rolls are such as to crowd out those waiting for traditional Medicaid. These greedy states with way above average reimbursement rates are very reluctant to give up their privileged place sucking on the fore teats of Mother Sam. All this is of course unconscionable and typical of how Big Government works.

Kimmel disciples should pay attention to this sage advice from Th. Sowell:

Comparing any society to ideals virtually guarantees that that society will be condemned as a failure, if only because it costs nothing to imagine something better than what exists…while everything created in the real world has a cost. Moreover our only choice in the real world is between different societies compared to each other – not compared to ideals such as “social justice.”

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