Mr. Trump, please make the Internet great again.

My internet search engine doesn’t work as it used to. Today I wanted to learn of some of your accomplishments related to an issue that I am sure is as important to you as it is to me. So I typed in a simple inquiry on my search engine:


The apparent problems with my search engine shocked me.  Nothing related to my inquiry popped up in the top answers. I shouldn’t have to glean through every search engine response to discover at least one of your wonderful accomplishments related to my question. I thought about reducing the terms in the search argument to broaden the scope and capture at least one accomplishment. Result: nada, zilch, zero.

I would appreciate it if you would threaten to sue the search engine owners, or at least tell them if they don’t fix the problem you will audit their tax returns.

Since that negotiation may take some time, please offer a tweet in response to my inquiry so that I may share it with my friends and your supporters.  I am sure that there are many yuge, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, fantastic, great things that you have accomplished to advance the cause of Liberty.  You only need to identify one.

Enquiring minds want to know, so do I.   Bruce-thumbnail

Bruce Hillis


Donald Trump is the establishment

Every four years, conservative Republicans get excited at the prospect of nominating a true believer, and every four years, they find themselves outmaneuvered by a moderate with high name recognition and serious difficulties differentiating himself from Democrats on major issues.

This is a brilliant opening to an article by Tyler O’Neil in PJ Media. Read the rest of it here:

I’ll just add that Trump’s support is like that for Juan Peron or even FDR’s favorite, Mussolini. The longing for a strong man to save us usually leads to a fraud, a media personality skillful in misleading the masses. And we know what then follows.

TrogloTroglo (L. H.Kevil)